11 Dreamy, Cozy Self-Care Practices

Self-care is getting a lot of buzz lately. There are so many ideas out there, but my motto is: keep. it. simple. You don’t need a major life overhaul to implement some cozy self-care practices into your daily life. In my book, it’s about tiny steps + small actionable ways that make an otherwise ordinary day feel a little more dreamy + enjoyable + sparkly + special. So I put together a list of simple + manageable self-care ideas that have made my everyday just a liiiiitle more nourishing + grounding. I hope you find something that resonates with you + inspires you to do something for yourself on a more regular basis 🙂

01. Gua Sha

If you haven’t heard of gua sha let me fill ya in— gua sha is a massage technique that encourages lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, and relieves tension in face muscles. The set I use is made from rose quartz + is super sturdy (+ beautiful!!). I’m amazed by how it helps with jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night + decreases puffiness in the morning.

You can find the exact set I use here!

gua sha

02. Acupressure

Possibly the weirdest way that I like to relax, but it is seriously INCREDIBLE. This mat reduces muscle tension + melts stress away like nothing I’ve ever tried— I kid you not, this mat PUTS ME TO SLEEP despite there being tiny “needles” all over my back + neck. Sounds crazy. It works. A super relaxing, grounding addition to my bedtime routine.

You can find this affordable little mat here!

acupressure mat - cozy self care

03. Salt Rock Night Light

Let’s keep the bedtime routine theme going (such a perfect time for some cozy self-care rituals to close the day + send you into a dreamy, blissful night of sleep!). I like to turn on this night light + keep all other lights off when i’m getting ready for bed in the evening. Light plays a huge role in sleep quality, and research shows that while blue light negatively affects sleep, red light improves it. (and aside from any research, i just looove the ambience)

salt rock night light cozy self-care

04. Diffuse Essential Oils

My favorite times to diffuse oil are first thing when I wake up or right before bed. The Edens Garden Goodnight essential oil blend is DREAMY. It promotes deep rest with ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. Edens Garden is NOT an MLM company + all their products are non-toxic— oh, and they are women-owned! A company I truly support + can get behind. Some of my other fav blends are anxiety ease, meditation, and purify.

Here are some of the essential oils I diffuse on the daily and my diffuser.

essential oils - easy cozy self care

05. Make your home a cozy sanctuary

Create a space that you loooove and that makes you feel *grounded*. When a home is chaotic, cluttered, and overwhelming, it’s going to be so much more difficult to fully exhale + relax.

This doesn’t mean you need to have your dream home right this second— there are lots of house projects David + I plan to do down the road. But that’s not stopping us from creating a cozy, calm energy in our home right. now.

Think dim, moody lighting, lots of throw blankets + pillows, string lights, and a comfy yet minimalist feel— mmmm.

cozy boho bedroom oasis

06. Make comfort food + share with loved ones

This may not be a “typical” self-care practice, but there is truly somethin’ sooo special about this. When we are more intentional about the things that we are probably doing every day anyway (making food / eating food with another human) magic starts to happen. Our everyday transforms + becomes a little more sacred + enjoyable.

Comfort food is already a cozy self-care practice in itself. But the thing I’ve learned that makes it 1000000x more special? Sharing comfort food with loved ones. Sitting down at the table with family + friends. Undistracted conversation over a delicious, filling meal.
Here are a couple of what I like to call “hygge recipes” perfect for sharing with others—

Warming Sweet Potato Sage Turkey Chili

sweet potato turkey chili

Maple Almond Butter Banana Bread

almond butter banana bread

Easy Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

easy creamy broccoli cheddar soup

07. Sip warm beverages throughout the day

I’m all about easy, tiny self-care practices to integrate into our everyday lives. In my opinion, those are what end up making the biggest difference because they’re easier to stick to and *actually* implement. So pick your favorite mug, grab a tea packet or brew some coffee and sip it while you work.

I have a Keurig that allows me to make my own lattes. (AMAZING, right?) So I am saving allllll the $$$ by making fancy coffee drinks at home. (Did I mention it can make your bev iced OR hot + that it has a built-in milk frother?!)

Oh, and whiiile you’re enjoying your little bev, take a moment to step outside + soak in the sunshine or take a moment to look out your window at the world around you— all about those tiny, implementable, grounding practices!!

coffee in bed - cozy self-care practice

08. Wear clothing that is suuuper cozy (and stop wearing uncomfortable things!)

I know many of us are currently working from home so we’re wearing comfy clothes most days anyway. But over the last couple of years I’ve decided that there are very few occasions in my life when it ends up being worth it to wear something uncomfortable.

I mean, I miiiight take cozy clothing to the extreme (hello oversized sweatshirt, fleece lined sweatpants, and cabin socks!!) but I genuinely view it as a way to care for myself. I can’t think of a lower effort required cozy self-care practice. Life’s too short not to buy the stretchy jeans!!

cozy clothing

09. Make your work environment as stress-free as possible

Throw a cozy blanket over your desk chair, light a candle or diffuse essential oils, surround yourself with photos of your favorite memories/beautiful artwork/quotes/mantras.

And beyond the look + feel of your work environment — do things that make your work day more enjoyable. Take deep breaths, stretch, sip on a mug of tea, take a break for a walk outside (or even just to step outside for a moment!).

Being intentional about incorporating some cozy self-care into my day-to-day life has been a game changer in helping me shift my mindset from…..
work hard / get it all done as efficiently as possible / work now, play later / hustle, hustle, hustle

work hard WHILE drinking my favorite tea / get it all done in an efficient way WHILE listening to my fav playlists / incorporate play into my work by taking breaks + going for a mid-day walk / hustle in a comfy, cozy, aesthetically pleasing work environment

Work does not have to be ALL stress/discomfort/waiting for the weekend. We just have to be conscious about taking those steps to make the everyday more enjoyable + better for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Ya know what I mean???

cozy work environment

10. Epsom salt baths

There are so many health benefits of epsom salt baths— they reduce muscle soreness + pain, soothe skin, and reduce stress to name a few. Such an affordable, effective product to add to your at-home spa kit!

Turn on some spa music, light a candle, grab a book, close your eyes— whatever ya need to do to U N W I N D and give your body + mind that much-deserved rest.

My favorite epsom salt (+ other diy spa kit items!) can be found on my favorites page!

11. Make the everyday feel special with extra, little touches

I read something once that said “you gotta start romanticizing your life.” This is so. darn. true! There are no guarantees that we get more than this oooone, precious life. So why wait for “special occasions” to do special things? Including special things for OURSELVES.

I’m a firm believer in doing tiny things that make an otherwise ordinary day feel a little more cozy + enjoyable + sparkly + special + nourishing + grounding.

The eleven things on this list are intended to be small, actionable steps or ideas to help you care for yourself. But in case ya need a few more….

Light a candle, play jazz music, and sip on a glass of wine while you cook dinner.

Read a good book curled up on the couch.

Have a cozy movie night with loved ones (the whole thing— popcorn, sweets, lights off, candles on, fuzzy blankets, make it SPECIAL).

Sleep in.

Write down what you’re grateful for each day.

Experiment with morning + evening routines to find what you need to feel cared for + whole.

Have technology-free time.


The options are endless! The key is to simply pick ONE thing for yourself each day + let it build and expand from there. I hope these ideas inspire you to invest in yourself + take your cozy self-care practices to a new level! 


love always, nik

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