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nourish with nik

I’m a Midwestern gal in love with getting creative in the kitchen, and I happen to have a few unconventional views on health. While I'm a little bit of a science nerd with a background in Dietetics and Nursing, I'm also very into what you might call the woo-woo or more alternative facets of health.

The word, healthy, has become such a complicated word. But I believe that being healthy really comes down to this simple idea: Are you spending your time and treating yourself in ways that make you feel good?

As a result of asking myself this question over the years (+ often realizing the answer was no!), I've made some big shifts in my life. One of those shifts has been in the way that I eat. I've discovered so much more joy in cooking, eating, and sharing meals with loved ones because of this one simple question.

So on Nourish with Nik, you'll find recipes with lots of delicious veggies, but also plenty of chocolate. I am all about foods that taste incredible AND leave you feeling good. So here's to nourishing our whole selves— I'm so glad you're here!

if you're looking for satisfying, simple recipes, you're in the right place.

I'm Niki, and i'm so
grateful you're here!