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Little disclosure: Nourish with Nik contains affiliate links to products I love. While it won't cost you a penny more, this means I may receive a small commission if you click + purchase a product (which I am so grateful for)!

My kitchen + pantry essentials

The tools, appliances, and food items I use on the reg and can't live without— from how I make my coffee to my most-used pantry staples

12-piece knife set


keurig coffee maker

non-stick cookware

non-toxic, granite coating, easy to clean, and SO beautiful— i'm obsessed with the natural wood grain look and no slip-grip handle. i truly cannot find a better deal on such high quality pans

(+ latte/cappuccino maker!)

perfect for the one cup of coffee kinda gal. plus i am saving alllll the $$$ by making my own lattes at home (did i mention it can make your bev iced OR hot + that it has a built-in milk frother?!)

the perfect set for the beginner or advanced cook— it even has a built-in sharpener + lifetime warranty (whaat?!). if you're going to invest in something for your kitchen, invest in GOOD KNIVES. and how about that gorgeous wood storage block

this lil machine has lasted me FOREVER. it is hands-down the easiest, most powerful, and affordable appliance to blend up nutrient-packed smoothies.

peanut butter

almond flour

ground flaxseed

coconut oil

y’all… HUNDREDS of FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. this stuff is the bees knees. i use it primarily for cooking + baking, and I feel good knowing it is such high quality. truly THE GOOD STUFF: organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined.

hands-down my favorite way to get my omega-3s (not to mention antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, and protein!). i sprinkle it on yogurt + add it to smoothies. there's not much flavor, but it is jam-packed with nutrients!

the only ingredients you'll find here are dry roasted organic peanuts + sea salt— the simpler the ingredient label, the better! also, this pb is made from valencia peanuts, which have the least amount of aflatoxin among diff types of peanuts

bob's red mill DOES. THINGS. RIGHT. compared to other flours, i happen to use almond flour the most frequently when i bake because i love the flavor and texture (not to mention it's loaded with protein + vitamin e!). but i also love bob's oats and coconut flour to name a couple others.

appliances + tools –

pantry staples –

Wellness + self-care items i'm obsessed with

These are the products that change the game when it comes to better sleep, muscle + joint health, mental wellbeing, and so much more (my personal favorite category!)

tongue scraper

aromatherapy diffuser

essential oils

hydro flask tumbler

i genuinely would not drink enough water throughout the day if i didn't have this hydro flask. i have both the screw-off top water bottle + the tumbler, and i am just obsessed with sippin' water out of my tumbler. it's amazing— it goes evvverywhere with  me!

a non-toxic way to freshen your home + boost your mood. i personally am a fan of Edens Garden— they’re affordable, high quality, and i love their sets + blends. some of my fav blends are anxiety ease, meditation, purify, and good night

this may be the weirdest, but most satisfying part of my holistic morning routine. It takes two minutes, and once you try it you’ll be hooked. this quick ritual gets rid of the bacteria on your tongue… you won’t believe what comes off. i know, ew. you need this tool in your life

my favorite diffuser in our house because it diffuses oils for six hours, automatically shuts off, and is so pretty (there are other shapes + colors by this brand too!). this diffuser is gentle, but powerful— our entire main floor + then some will smell heavenly when this is going

good night essential oil

coop pillow

salt rock night light

acupressure mat

possibly the weirdest way that i like to relax, but it is seriously INCREDIBLE. this mat reduces muscle tension + melts stress away like nothing i've ever tried— i kid you not, this mat PUTS ME TO SLEEP despite there being tiny "needles" all over my back + neck. sounds crazy. it works.

i like to turn on this night light + keep all other lights off when i'm getting ready for bed in the evening. light plays a huge role in sleep quality, and research shows that while blue light negatively affects sleep, red light improves it. (and aside from any research, i just looove the ambience)

this essential oil blend is DREAMY. it promotes deep rest with ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. Edens Garden is NOT an MLM company + all their products are non-toxic— oh, and they are women-owned! a company i truly support + can get behind

i have tried a thousand pillows to help with my neck pain. let me just say..... this is THE ONE for me. it's filled with these plush yet somewhat firm memory foam pieces, and you can adjust how much is inside your pillow. if you struggle to find a comfortable pillow, i cannot recommend this one enough!

on the daily –

dreamy bed time –

travel neck pillow

heating pad

memory foam seat cushion

trigger point

this tool helps work out knots in hard-to reach places. it's been particularly helpful in getting deep into the muscles in my neck and shoulders. i've had this tool around since high school, so it's safe to say this is a tried + true method of self-massage.

a work from home essential! i lay this memory foam cushion down on a dining room chair or couch to provide more lumbar support. this is a tiny, easy way to prevent low back pain + take better care of your body. simple, but effective! just make sure you get the one that says "firm."

this pillow is memory foam + truly helps mitigate some of the neck soreness caused by constant vibration + little bumps in the road while traveling. i might look a little silly, but i don't even care— i seriously won't travel without it now!

a super soft, extra-large heating pad perfect for sore muscles (and that time of the month!) Remember to use ice for acute injuries, but heat is great to increase blood flow to chronically sore muscles.

muscle + joint health –

boxing gloves

yoga mat

apple watch series 3


my favorite way to enjoy winter + get out on the trails behind our home!

i love my apple watch for recording my workouts and tracking steps, distance, + heart rate.

for me, nothing relieves stress like boxing. and it's so fun— like way better than traditional cardio!

my all-time faaav yoga mat. i've had this one for over six years, and i wouldn't be surprised if it lasts my entire lifetime! It has the perfect amount of cushion and a texture that prevents slipping.


Clean beauty

The products I use to take care of my skin, hair, and body— from simple, everyday products to diy spa must-haves

let's get ready together –

clear brow gel

spf moisturizer

this oil-absorbing moisturizer has SPF 30, but it's so lightweight unlike other spf moisturizers i've tried. a must-wear for preventing wrinkles + skin damage from the sun!

if there's one thing i do makeup-wise before leaving the house, it's swiping this clear brow gel on. my brows can get a little crazy, and these keep them perfectly in place— my #1 must-have makeup product (i know, i'm a simple gal)

brow pencil

i tend to go for the no-makeup look, and this brow pencil is perfect for a softly defined, natural-looking brow. four colors are available— i use medium brown. oh, and did i mention it's ultra-affordable?

natural deodorant

i've tried several aluminum-free deodorants, and this one is my favorite! it goes on super smooth, doesn't cause any rashes or skin sensitivity, and smells incredible. #teamdetoxthosepits!!

diy at home spa –

dermaplaning tool

gua sha

if you  haven't heard of gua sha let me fill ya in— gua sha is a massage technique that encourages lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, and relieves tension in face muscles. this set is made from rose quartz + is super sturdy (+ beautiful). i'm amazed by how it helps with jaw pain from grinding my teeth + decreases puffiness in the morning

i used to pay $90 for a dermaplaning service. NINETY DOLLARS. then i realized that i can totally do this myself (not as good as my girl amanda can, but i mean ninety dollars people!!). dermaplaning is basically removing the peach fuzz from your face, thereby gently exfoliating + leaving your skin smooth, soft, and vibrant like a baby. AMAZING

exfoliating face peel

this at-home peel SAVED my skin for my wedding. i struggle with uneven skin, especially during the cold months in wisconsin, and this glycolic peel improves the skin on my face + chest sooo much. it exfoliates layers of lingering dead skin cells, shrinks pores, and brightens complexion.

epsom salt

there are so many health benefits of epsom salt baths— they reduce muscle soreness + pain, soothe skin, and reduce stress to name a few. such an affordable, effective product to add to your at-home spa kit!

Book + podcast recommendations

From fiction to non-fiction reads and podcasts on anything from business to holistic wellness— this list covers some of my fav stories, learning resources, and forms of entertainment

fiction –

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell
Mystery thrillers are my favorite genre, and this is a unique one— not your traditional detective murder mystery novel. Riveting is the perfect word to describe it.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
Another mystery thriller (because I seriously cannot get enough). A roller coaster story filled with lies, betrayal, + the secrets between husbands and wives.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley
A suspenseful mystery with rotating points of view. Very character-focused (which I love) and keeps you guessing until the end! A book to devour in one weekend.

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Another page-turner by Liane Moriarty (every single book I've read of hers I cannot put down). This book is suspenseful + with great character development. AND it's becoming a Hulu miniseries!

This Time I Dance by Tama Kieves
Hands-down my favorite book of 2020. It's poetic + eye-opening + so inspiring. Get the paperback version— you're going to want to underline.... A LOT.

Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith
This is more than a beautiful coffee table book— it has tangible advice on creating a cozy home you love without accumulating a bunch of stuff. It's about decorating your home in a very purposeful way.

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer
I was skeptical of this book at first. And I'll admit, there are some out there things Dr. Dyer talks about, BUT this book truly changed my life. It shifted my perspective on manifestation + I now apply principles from this book to my everyday life.

You Do You by Sarah Knight
Sarah gives it to you straight in this book about living life on your own terms. I was giggling the whole way through + gained a newfound sense of confidence in standing up for what I believe in without fear of "not being liked". A great book for people-pleasers.

non-fiction –

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her
My most listened-to podcast. A mix of wellness, business, + lifestyle topics— this dynamic couple interviews incredible guests + in my opinion, ask the absolute best interview questions. (And their banter is highly entertaining.)

The Balanced Blonde: Soul on Fire
Jordan interviews super interesting guests and discusses a little bit of everything with a deeper focus on spirituality + wellness topics.

Amy + Abby discuss all things marriage, motherhood, mental health, and much more. Lots of tangible tips + relatable examples from their personal lives. (And they happen to also be based in the Madison, Wisconsin area!)

Almost 30
Krista + Lindsey dive into all sorts of topics, like self development, health, entrepreneurship, + modern spirituality. Their podcast is very conversational, but they also interview a ton of brilliant guests.

podcasts –

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
A powerful, compelling, and practical read that dives into how — and perhaps more importantly why — we should live a less digitally cluttered life.

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle
One of my favorite books of all-time. So raw + real + authentic— this book makes you feel (and it might move you to tears like it did for me).

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi
A touching + emotional memoir written by a neurosurgeon diagnosed with terminal cancer. It's a short book, but has so many layers + so much wisdom. It's a book that is difficult to put down... and makes it impossible not to cry.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle
Yes, you need to read TWO books by Glennon Doyle. I found myself tearing up, laughing, nodding my head, underlining like crazy, and writing so many nuggets of wisdom down in my journal throughout this book. Truly a must-read!

Atomic Habits by James Clear
Clear breaks down the complexity of habit formation in a way that not only makes sense, but in a way that inspires change.

Deep Work by Cal Newport
This book provides the steps, strategies, and tips to perform deep work— something that is rare, valuable, fulfilling, and makes for a good life. It inspired me to write this blog post!

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
The best piece of fiction I have read in a long time. The character development and way the author paints such a vivid scene is what made me love this book so much. Owens is an incredible storyteller.

On Purpose
Jay and the fascinating guests that he interviews offer tremendous insight + wisdom that is deeply meaningful. This podcast truly makes me a better person!

Super Soul
Oprah dives deep into spirituality, inner work, and life's big questions. I walk away from each episode with a sense of peace, guidance, and grounding.

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty
Jay is a former monk + now the host of one of my favorite podcasts, On Purpose. This book is filled with empowering + practical advice to living a more calm, purposeful life.

I would never recommend something I don't truly love. I want to share these products with you because they are either improving my well-being, simplifying my life, or bringing me joy. If you do happen to find something you like, please know that you are helping keep my Nourish with Nik dreams alive by clicking + purchasing! And I just want to say thank you for that – it means the world.

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