Little Moments Lately 2.15.21

Little Moments Lately is where I’ll be sharing a collection of ideas, photos, memories, and things that bring me joy + gratitude. It’s like an online version of my journal + scrapbook— a place for me to reflect + document. Where I can collect the tiny, in between moments in life that are all too easy to let pass us by.

I’ll admit— this new blog post series is mainly motivated by my desire to create a place for storing memories that I want to be able to reflect on in the present and look back on in the future. The idea of scrapbooking + creating physical photo albums is dreamy, buuut… I don’t think I’ll regularly make the time for it.

So this is my way of documenting the moments I want to remember. And in particular, creating space for the little moments that we tend to overlook in life— things that seem insignificant, even mundane, but actually make up the essence of our lives. And if sharing my in between happens to bring inspiration or joy to others, that’s just an added bonus.

So welcome to Little Moments Lately.

little moments lately - sunset

Even though I don’t think the temperature ever reached 10 degrees this past week, I got outside to walk most days. On a few less cloudy days, I was able to soak in some beautiful sunsets. Something about going for a walk + watching the sunset reminds me to pause and breathe. To take a step back from any stress or work or effort. The sky + clouds + sun + trees + animals remind me that there is more to life than human-made problems and worries. And that is so freeing.

This little video isn’t the best quality, but the sunsets I get to see on the trails behind our home truly take my breath away— here’s a glimpse.

Random things I’m into lately—

Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport. I finished this book this past week and it was so good— packed with super tangible + helpful tips. I wrote a blog post on it and created a step-by-step guide to cultivating a work strategy focused on creating real value in the world and deep fulfillment in your life. And it was all inspired by this book.

Song on Repeat: Anyone by Justin Bieber (lol Valentine’s Day got me in the mood)

Movie: Plus One & Palm Springs. These were two Valentine’s Day-inspired rom coms that David and I watched together. Actually so good!

Show: Twisted Love. A true crime show we found on Hulu and are enjoying.

A good podcast I listened to this week: Episode 329 of The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her — How India Oxenberg Survived Life Inside a Sex Cult: The NXIVM Cult & It’s Downfall

In 2020, David and I watched The Vow on HBO which is all about NXIVM, and the story is fascinating, sad, and twisted. This podcast episode was an interview with India that I found really interesting and eye-opening.

Workouts: Lately I’ve been doing about 1-2 MadFit full body home workout videos per week, strength training at the gym 2x/week, boxing 2x/week, at-home yoga 1-2x per week, and walking outside 6-7x/week.

All things cozy: Playing a bonfire youtube video on my TV while I work (sooo relaxing!), homemade oat milk lattes, + discovering new artists for my work but also chill playlist on spotify.

Some of the recipes I made this week

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Sweet Potato Brownies, Spicy Garlic Turkey Cauliflower Skillet, Flourless Fudgy Brownies, Healthy Sweet Potato Cookies

All of these recipes are *blog-ready* and the flourless fudgy brownies are already posted! Stay tuned— recipes are coming soon. These are truly some of my favorite things I’ve ever made, especially the cute little sweet potato cookies! Every recipe is gluten-free and healthy or healthyish.

little moments lately - favorite restaurant

David and I also got takeout from my favorite restaurant in the entire world, Ha Long Bay. It’s the first time we’ve gotten food from here since covid started so it was a TREAT. They don’t have online ordering, so you have to call in to place your order, and I kid you not— we have never been able to get through on their phone in the last YEAR because the line is constantly busy! I called eight times one day this week and finally got through lol. It was SO. GOOD.

Something I’m experimenting with

I’ve been tracking my time this week in a Google Doc. Like down to every 15-minute chunk of time in my day. It sounds extreme, but the book I just read, Deep Work, inspired me to take a hard look at how I’m spending my time. Figure out where I may be wasting it, see which activities take way longer than expected, break down how much time in a day is spent on the things that mean the most to me, etc.

I wanted a starting point to figure out how to maximize the time I spend doing deep work (read my blog post for more info). I’ll keep you updated on anything interesting I discover!

So far, I am realizing how much I can get done in a 90-minute time block if I commit to 90 minutes of the task at-hand…. ie. no phone, no email, no multi-tasking— I’ve been focusing on doing ONE thing well for a set time period and the results are already speaking for themselves.

Weekly Inspiration

I am inspired by so many things each day— tall snowy pines, following my intuition, cozy afternoons spent baking, inner peace + a calm spirit, candlelight, + forming new habits. I love creating mood boards— in real life and on Pinterest. For me, mood boards are a way to set intentions and focus on creating more of what I love + desire.

Recent blog posts

Deep Work: A Guide to Meaningful Productivity
Slow Cooker BBQ Turkey Meatballs
Zen Habits: 5 Practices to Cultivate a More Calm and Grounded Life
Butterscotch Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Bread

My favorite little moment lately

Valentine’s Day dinner with David on Sunday night was the highlight of my week. We went to one of our favorite romantic little spots, Meze. We realized this was our tenth Valentine’s Day together— almost every year since we were 16! Something about this one felt extra special because this has been such a hectic year with both of us starting/growing our businesses, the pandemic, and so much going on in the world + our personal lives. It felt nice to slow down, be in the moment with each other, and reflect on how grateful we are to have each other through all the ups + downs of life.

I hope you have a great week filled with joy + gratitude. I’m looking forward to continuing this series and sharing everyday, special little moments.

Until next Monday—


love always, nik

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    I’m so excited to see you doing this! Have fun with this (and I look forward to hearing about all you’re

    • Niki Presser says:

      Hi Marie!
      Aw, thank you so much!! I really appreciate your support and encouragement 🙂

      Sending my love + hope all is well,

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