Little Moments Lately 2.22.21 // Sunshine + Beaches

Welcome back to my weekly series, Little Moments Lately. Today I’m writing from the land of sunshine + beaches, and my view is looking a liiittle different than it did last week from ten-degree, snowy Wisconsin. Instead, I’m looking at palm trees, the ocean, and blue skies, and I feel so lucky! Since I’m about to go kayaking, I’ll keep this post short + sweet and just share a few memories that have brought me joy + gratitude this week 🙂

little moments lately florida sunshine and beach

David and I still haven’t been able to take our honeymoon trip, so we have been dreaming of going somewhere warm. My parents happened to be renting a condo in Florida this week with an extra room, so it was such a nice opportunity to all spend some time together and at least take a smaller vacation until we can go on our honeymoon. My aunt + uncle/Godparents are also down in the area, so we were able to spend a day with them too, which was an unexpected treat!

One of my favorite little moments lately

All six of us went out to dinner together a few nights ago, and it was one of my favorite memories of the trip so far. After our food arrived, my Godfather (also the man who married David and I) was about to say grace before we started eating. Our waitress came over to the table to see if we had everything, and my Godfather said, “We are about to pray, is there anything we can pray about for you?” She hesitated, and said, “Actually, I just found out I’m pregnant!” We all let out our aws + wows + congratulations. Then she said, “I hesitated at first because I’ve actually only told a few people. I’m only seven weeks.” It was such a special moment— it gave me the chills and still gives me the chills as I write this! She seemed so genuinely happy to share the news, and it felt really special to share such an intimate moment with a stranger as odd as that may sound.

My Godfather said that was the first time he’s ever asked a waitress that question— it’s something a friend of his does when he goes out to eat, and it suddenly occurred to him to ask our waitress that evening. It was a small moment, but it really was so memorable + sweet.

Since David and I are about to go kayaking in the backwaters (to hopefully spot some manatees!!) I’ll finish with a list of little moments lately I’m so grateful for.

Little Moments Lately: Sunshine + Beaches Edition

  • The feeling of the sun on my skin
  • Going swimming and feeling like a little kid
  • Ice cream on a warm Florida night (I had coconut ice cream with salted caramel, fudge, and almonds…… so good!)

little moments lately

Being surrounded by other people on an airplane— maybe I’m weird, but it was actually nice to feel like we were part of a group of people doing something normal again during covid times!

  • Reading good books by the pool (I just finished Atomic Habits and highly recommend)
  • Playing euchre on the patio with my family
  • Deep conversations without the distractions of everyday life
  • Days with no agenda

little moments lately florida sunshine and beaches

Long walks on the beach at sunset

  • The ability to work remotely
  • Being part of a gorgeous styled wedding shoot that happened over the weekend
  • Eating lots of great seafood
  • Wearing a t-shirt + shorts for the first time in months (instead of my huge winter jacket, hat, mittens, and scarf!)
  • Going on adventures with David to find him sandals (he literally didn’t have a single pair of sandals at home lol can you tell we are from Wisconsin?)
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio in the morning
  • The feeling + smell of salty ocean air

bonita beach palm trees

The warm tropical breeze + palm trees swaying

It has truly been such an amazing week so far, I’m trying to savor every moment. (Especially since next week I’ll be writing in cold Wisconsin!) But at least I’ll have plenty more memories to look back on + appreciate. Now David + I are off to go kayaking where manatees + alligators are common, and where we will be paddling through the most gorgeous Floridian surroundings!

I hope you are having a wonderful week and are able to soak in the small, in between moments in life. Sending you warmth + sunshine wherever you are—


love always, nik

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