Little Moments Lately 3.29.21 // All We Have is the Present

As much as Little Moments Lately is about gratitude + finding joy in small places, I also want to acknowledge that life doesn’t always feel joyful. At times, it feels heavy + hard. But I believe happiness + love wouldn’t feel so beautiful if we didn’t also experience sadness, grief, challenges, and loss. So I return to this practice of finding joy in the in-between + leaning into gratitude each day because I’ve found that it gives me perspective + peace. I once heard someone say that they have yet to see a wave that builds and stays there— every wave eventually comes back down. Every body sensation, every emotion, every situation will also come down and be released if given time + space. For me, returning to moments of joy + feelings of gratitude is a practice that helps me release. So with that, welcome to this week’s Little Moments Lately.

On Saturday morning, David and I sipped our coffee + enjoyed cinnamon rolls, chatted, and read our books cozied up together in the living room. It was such a nice way to start the weekend. No rushing, forcing, accomplishing, doing— just being.

We are both embracing that feeling more + more. Simply existing. Taking time to notice what we’re spending our time on, and releasing what doesn’t feel as good anymore. No longer doing just for the sake of doing. Getting really intentional. I’ve found myself spending less + less time on social media, taking far fewer pictures, being gentler with myself, letting go of certain aspects of Nourish with Nik, and creating more privacy in my life.

What I’m leaning into—

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling so ready for warm, sunny days. As much as I’ve been embracing winter + cold weather over the last couple years, I can’t say I feel particularly welcoming toward spring in Wisconsin. The sort of sunny, in-between seasons, 40ish-degree days feel like a tease. Once the snow is gone and the coziness of winter has worn off, I become impatient for 70 degrees + sunshine! But I’m trying to enjoy + lean into the months leading up to summer and find joy in things I don’t normally notice. Things like little buds popping up, mud instead of snow, grass turning greener day by day, less rushed conversations with neighbors since it’s no longer ten degrees out, and the opportunity to leave the windows open on nice days.

I’m also trying to embrace the present more + more. Like truly embrace it. Less ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Less planning + thinking so far ahead. Sinking into what’s going on all around me using my five senses. Doing more deep breathing exercises. Being 100% there during conversations. It struck me more deeply this week than ever before that the present moment really is all we have. I don’t want to waste any precious time in life thinking that anything that has happened in the past could have been any different. And coming to terms with that takes a weight off my shoulders. It makes me more grateful for all that has happened because I believe there is something greater at work orchestrating it all.

Random things lately—

Book: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

Album on Repeat: From Here to Now to You by Jack Johnson

Show: Surviving Death on Netflix

Podcast that is bringing me immense joy lately: Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Something new I’m learning about: Gardening! I’m starting a square foot garden this spring to grow vegetables, and I’m so excited. But I have no idea what I’m doing, so it is all just one big experiment + learning process 🙂

Spotify Playlists: Japanese Zen Garden + Jazzy Dinner

Guilty Pleasure: Keeping up with the Kardashians

Spring refresh: Rearranging furniture + home decor, organizing closets, painting the floor of our basement laundry room + sprucing it up a bit to make laundry feel a little less like a chore, and using this amazing air purifier that I found on Amazon

I also found Ella this adorable little cat condo/window perch that she’s already obsessed with.

A few recipes I’ve made recently—

It’s been a long time since I made Brussels Sprouts Pizza. This used to be one of our go-to meals almost every week before I started developing more recipes. We forgot how much we love it! It’s so simple, but so good. It’s really a recipe-less meal— just pick up a pre-made pizza crust, pizza sauce, and all the toppings you like for a quick + easy weeknight meal! But I’m telling you… thinly sliced brussels sprouts on top + fresh mozzarella is so. darn. good.

Another meal I made this week that was inspired by one of our old weekly staples, was a Thai Peanut Sweet Potato + Broccoli Buddha Bowl. Sometimes some of my best creations come when I’m not really trying to develop a recipe. But since it turned out so delicious, I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe!

Lastly, this French Onion Tater Tot Casserole is a fresh spin on classic comfort food. It’s one of my favorite things to make lately— I can’t get enough of it!

Weekly Vision Board + Inspiration

To end this week’s Little Moments Lately, I wanted to create a mini vision board. Something to keep me grounded + centered throughout the week.

I hope you have a joy-filled week. I look forward to deepening my practice of finding little glimpses of joy in everyday life + returning to feelings of gratitude. Talk to you in April!


love always, nik

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