Little Moments Lately 6.03.21 // May Happiness

Wow, how has a month already gone by since my last Little Moments Lately post?! I have a lot that I’m grateful for from the past 30 days— Mother’s Day, a little birthday getaway to Lake Geneva & celebration with friends, my good friends’ wedding, starting a new garden, a day trip up north with family, and so many sweet moments in between.

And here we are now in June! This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. To me, the beginning of summer is so fresh + exciting! Lots to look forward to & moments to enjoy. Our anniversary, camping trips, and beautiful weather are a few things that make me happy.

Mother’s Day was beautiful this year. We celebrated my mom with brunch, homemade carrot cake cupcakes, and spending time outside. (Hi mom, love you!!)

And these are few photos from my 28th birthday celebration. David and I went to Lake Geneva for the weekend, went hiking, explored the lakeshore path (& were in awe of the mansions), ate delicious food, and spent time with friends when we got back home.

As I get older, I’m trying to be more intentional about taking more opportunities to celebrate. This year, David and I both went on weekend getaways to new places for our birthdays— something we truly have never done! It was fun to do something different, just the two of us.

One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people (Oprah!) is this: “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” I really try to keep this in the forefront of my mind as I go about my everyday. Life is a gift & even the small moments are worth celebrating.

& one of my dear friends finally tied the knot after multiple covid reschedules! It honestly made the day that much more special + meaningful though. I am so thankful to have been alongside her on such a beautiful, memorable day. Cheers to the Busses + your incredible love story!!

My newest hobby (ok maybe slight obsession) is gardening! We now have two raised beds & I’m attempting to grow lots of things— strawberries, butternut squash, cantaloupe, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppers, carrots, dill, basil, and cilantro! We will see what happens… but trying not to get my hopes up as I am a total newb.

Also, wanted to show the bottom two photos because I am absolutely IN AWE of the growth of our peonies. I mean, how incredible is that! The photo on the left was three weeks ago— the photo on the right is today! Mother Nature, you are amazing.

And t hanks to my mom, I think I officially have the obsession of creating potted flower arrangements! (You can see several of them on our deck in the first photo). Something about the process of growing things is so calming & therapeutic for me.

This was such a special day over Memorial Day Weekend. We celebrated & honored the life of a loved one who unexpectedly passed away this spring. The family was at one of his favorite places in the world, just as he would have wanted.

And it wouldn’t be a Little Moments Lately post if I didn’t share a few photos of my walks <3

A little moment that happened this month

Ella has been fixated on trying to run outside whenever we open a door lately (she goes through these random phases where she seems to be obsessed with the outdoors lol). I realized I hadn’t seen her in a while & couldn’t find here anywhere in the house. So David & I frantically searched all over our neighborhood at 10pm. We finally reached a point where we decided to stop looking for the night & were coming to terms with her maybe never coming home. But then we heard the faintest noise. We looked at each other and were like WHAT WAS THAT. So we start running around the house trying to figure out where the noise came from. For some reason, I thought to just quick open the little closet where we keep our towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets. And sure enough, she was sleeping on a cloud of pillows HAPPY AS A CLAM. So this is my little reminder to hug your animals and tell them you love them!!! Ella brings me so much joy, I would be devastated if we lost her. (And to think that all along, she was happily napping, quiet as a mouse as we were losing our minds…)

& lastly, I’d love to leave you with a few final quotes, intentions, and thoughts:

  • Something I recently started implementing instead of new intentions at the start of each month are intentions every new moon + full moon. Full moons are a time to release + new moons are a time to attract.
  • I’ve been meditating for 5 minutes every morning before I do anything else, and it has been such a grounding, clarifying way to start my day.
  • My focus is shifting towards things that are within my control, rather than things that are outside my control. It sounds so simple, but it really is profound to let go of what we have no control over.
  • Life is in the small moments + habits (as this blog post series is all about)— it’s in what you do when you wake up in the morning, it’s in who + what you give your energy to, it’s in the things you tell yourself each day. Pay attention to the small moments because the small moments are your life.
  • “Resentment is an indication that you are prioritizing someone else over yourself.”
  • “The hardest part of boundaries is withstanding whatever happens next.”
  • “Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.”
  • “You should be able to find the light, the love, and the lessons in everything you do.”

Okay, that’s all for now— thank you for being here. I hope you have a beautiful June filled with growth, joy, and contentment. Talk soon <3


love always, nik

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