Little Moments Lately 8.07.21 // Why I Love Wisconsin

July was such a fun month filled with lots of outdoor time— landscaping projects, gardening, walks, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and a trip up north to close out the month on such a high note. Summer in Wisconsin can feel so fleeting, but that’s what makes it sweet. We have no choice but to soak it all in and enjoy every moment because before we know it, fall arrives. So here is a collection of moments from the past month that brought me joy.

Our new + improved yard!

All of the rock around our house has finally been removed + replaced with mulch. And that plastic black edging is gone to create a much cleaner look. We also had a few bushes in front of our house removed, which made a huge difference. Now we have light that filters in through the basement, which is so nice!

And I recently had my largest harvest from my garden— tons of carrots + cherry tomatoes, plenty of fresh dill + cilantro, + some cucumbers, jalapeños, and snap peas!

Ella has been living her best life, lounging around the house.

Wedding Season

With the world opening back up, we have been able to celebrate love again and spend time with family + friends that we haven’t seen in months/years. Wedding season also means I have been busier than ever with work, which I’m so grateful for + excited about.

The Apostle Islands

The highlight of the past month was road tripping up to the Bayfield area to go camping + sea kayaking on Lake Superior. It was amazing to experience the sea caves, go on waterfall hikes, and soak in one of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin (we truly were as far north as you can get!) We also found a secluded beach on Lake Superior with crystal clear water to park our camping chairs, read our books, and listen to the waves. I’m not exaggerating— it was bliss.

Cabin Time

After our time in Bayfield, David + I enjoyed the rest of the week at our family cabin. We watched sunsets, caught fish, explored nearby lakes, went canoeing + kayaking, read books, watched the Olympics, and went to one of our favorite restaurants where we had our wedding dinner two years ago.

It’s memories like these that make me so thankful to live in Wisconsin. Nothing fills my soul more than quiet moments on the water, exploring new parts of the state, sunset walks in my neighborhood, and spending quality time with those I love.

Here is a list of a few other little things that I’m loving lately:

  • Oprah Super Soul Sunday Podcast
  • The idea that so much of life is letting go of control of the uncontrollable
  • My new Thrive Market subscription
  • Setting intentions every new and full moon, instead of at the start of each month
  • Remembering to return to my breath during difficult moments
  • Learning more about non-toxic living

Here’s to an enjoyable last full month of summer + appreciating all the little, in between moments that make this time of year so special.


love always, nik

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